“The Mississippi Insurance Department is committed to serving Mississippians in all walks of life. Sometimes we help by responding after a storm or natural disaster, but the key to protecting lives and property is being prepared. In the following pages, you’ll find information to help you weather life’s storms and prepare for changes of all kinds – from getting married to retirement and everything in between.”
–Commissioner Mike Chaney

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Weather Disaster Preparedness

Preparedness Tips, Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Lightning, Hail\Ice Storms, Flooding, Earthquakes, Recovery Tips, and Contact Information.

Home Preparedness

Buying a Home, Renters, Accidents, Vacations/Traveling, Spring Cleaning, Protecting Pipes, Tree Trimming, and Contact Information.

Vehicle Preparedness

Buying a New Car, Accidents, Teen Drivers, Avoiding Deer, and Contact Information.

Life\Health Preparedness

Off to College, Getting Married, Growing Family, Retirement, and Contact Information.

Fire Preparedness

Fire safety, Family Escape Plans, smoke Alarms, Heating, Cooking, Grilling, Turkey Frying, Holiday Decorating, Fireworks, and contact information.

Catastrophe Savings Account

A tax-advantaged regular savings account or money market account for catastrophe losses or home self-insurance.

LOOKING BACK: Disasters in Mississippi

The firsthand accounts of Mississippians who experienced a disaster.


Provides mitigation information and resources.

Important Numbers You Should Know