Additional Licensing Types

This section provides information and resources for additional licensing types available from the Mississippi Insurance Department. Click on the link below to go directly to a particular topic.

Company Licensing

Company license requirements, amendments, renewals, and appointment\termination of agents.

Elevator\Escalator Licensing

Licensing for elevator contractors\limited elevator contractors, elevator inspectors, and elevator mechanics\limited elevator mechanics

Risk Retention Group

Risk Retention Group forms: Annual Premium Filing Form, Annual Statement Filing Requirements, Registration Checklist, Reporting Form

Factory-Built Homes Licensing

Licensing for contractors, developers, installers, manufacturers, and retailers.

Electronic Protection Systems Licensing

Licensing for individuals and companies that offer electronic protection systems, burglar alarm systems, closed circuit television alarm systems, or services to such alarms or systems to the public.

Risk Purchasing Group

Risk Purchasing Group forms: Registration Checklist, Reporting Form, NAIC Uniform Service of Process form