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The Life and Health Actuarial Division is responsible for receiving and analyzing all individual/group forms and rates for annuities, accident and health insurance, long-term care insurance, disability insurance, Medicare supplement insurance, life insurance, and credit life insurance sold by licensed insurance companies in the State. This ensures that the forms for the aforementioned products are fair and reasonable and that the premium rates are calculated in accordance with State law. The Division also closely regulates premium rate changes in order to ensure that said changes comply with state law.

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If you need help understanding how to interpret the data represented here, please contact the Mississippi Insurance Department at 601-359-3569 or via email at ratehelp@mid.ms.gov.

Questions regarding SERFF filings may be directed to to Angela Glass at 601-359-2199.

Questions regarding paper filings may be directed to Angela Glass at 601-359-2199.