(NEW) Effective July 1, 2024, House Bill 819 will go into law. This new law will exempt Life applicants from the 20-hour Pre-Licensing requirements.  This effects the Life Line of Authority only.  Please email us if you have any additional questions at

(NEW) Effective April 17, 2023, House Bill 1084 was signed into law. This will enable Insurance Producers age 65 and older with 25 continuous years of licensure to be exempt from CE requirements. To apply for a CE waiver, complete the attached CE Waiver Affidavit and email it to If you have any additional questions please email us at or call us at 601-359-3582.

Click Here to Complete the CE Waiver Affidavit

Effective November 10, 2017, the department will be providing a 90-day notification for license renewal for insurance producers, adjusters, entities, and bail agents. Please ensure that the department has your current business e-mail as renewal invoices and licenses will be sent to the business email address on record. There is an option to print your license by registering with Sircon or AgencyEdge on Sircon’s/Vertafore’s Website. Sircon/AgencyEdge users may print the license free for 30 days. Bail Soliciting & Enforcement Agent licenses are mailed and Professional Bail Agents are emailed. For questions, email

This section provides licensing information and resources. Click on the link below to go directly to a particular topic.

Producer\Individual Licensing

Producer\Individual licensing forms and fees, online services letters of certification\change of address, notices, and more.

Entity Licensing

Entity licensing forms and fees, online services notices, and more.

Adjuster Licensing

Individual\Entity Adjuster licensing forms and fees, online services, letters of certification/change of address, notices, and more.

Bail Agent Licensing

Bail Agent prelicensing and licensing, fees, forms, renewals, frequently asked questions and more.

Prelicensing and Continuing Education

Forms, education providers, examinations, links, and more.

Licensing Examinations

Testing centers, study material sources, links, and more

Licensing Appointments

Appointments, renewals, terminations, company authorization of individuals to appoint/terminate, and more.

Licensing Updates and Frequently Asked Questions

License information, frequently asked questions, bulletins, and more.

Licensing Search

Licensing searches for insurance companies, individuals and entities, elevator\escalators, factory-built homes, and electronic protection systems.

Additional Licensing Types

Company licensing, Elevator\Escalator Licensing, Factory-Built Homes Licensing, Electronic Protection Systems Licensing, Risk Retention Group, and Risk Purchasing Group.