Email Directory

This page contains a listing of division email addresses for the Mississippi Insurance Department.

Office of the Commissioner

  • Office of the Commissioner Group Email:

  • Mike Chaney, Commissioner:

Office of the Deputy Commissioner

  • Office of the Deputy Commissioner Group Email:

  • Mark Haire, Deputy Commissioner:

Accounting Division

  • Accounting Division Group Email:

  • Tracey Gwin, Director:

Administrative Services Division

  • Administrative Services Division Group Email:

  • Nancy Stuart, Director:

Consumer Services Division

  • Consumer Services Division Group Email:

  • Andy Case, Director:

Financial & Market Regulation Division

  • Financial & Market Regulation Division Group Email:

  • David Browning, Director:

Fire Services Development

Fire Coordinators, Fire Insurance Rebate Compliance, Rural Fire Truck Acquisition Assistance Program (RFTAAP)

  • Fire Services Development Group Email:

  • Brad Smith, Director:

Information Technology Division

  • Information Technology Division Group Email:

  • John Morris, Director:

Investigations and Consumer Protection Division

  • Investigations and Consumer Protection Division Group Email:

  • John B. Hornback, Director:

Legal Division

  • Legal Division Group Email:

  • Kim Causey, General Counsel:

Licensing Division

  • Licensing Division Group Email:

  • Vanessa Miller, Director:

Life and Health Actuarial Division

  • Life and Health Actuarial Division Group Email:

  • Bob Williams, Director:

Liquefied Compressed Gas

  • Liquefied Compressed Gas Group Email:

  • Scottie Cuevas, Director:

Personnel Division

  • Personnel Division Group Email:

  • Venetrese Gathrite, Director:

Public Relations Division

  • Public Relations Division Group Email:

  • Beth Reiss, Director:

Property and Casualty Rating Division

  • Property and Casualty Rating Division Group Email:

  • John Wells, Director:

State Fire Marshal’s Office

(Arson Reward Program, Fire Code Enforcement/Inspection, Fire Investigations, Factory-Built Homes/Modular Homes, Mississippi Electronic Protection.)

  • State Fire Marshal’s Office Group Email:

  • Ricky Davis, Chief Deputy Fire Marshal:

Statutory Compliance Division

  • Statutory Compliance Division Group Email:

  • Nancy Cross, Director: