MID Regulations are promulgated pursuant to statutory authority and have the force of law. They are filed with the Mississippi Secretary of State’s Office and are the topic of a public hearing before they go into effect. The regulations are available for viewing in Adobe Acrobat format.

Proposed Regulations

The following regulations have been proposed by the Mississippi Insurance Department:

Adopted Regulations

The following regulations have been adopted by the Mississippi Insurance Department:

Part 101

Part 1: General

Part 2: Life

Part 3: Accident and Health

Part 4: Auto

Part 5: Non-Auto P&C

Part 6: Agents

Part 7: Fire Marshal’s Office

Part 8: Safety Conveyances

Part 9: Transportation Network Company

Adopted Regulations Continued

  • 19 Admin. Miss. Code, Part 4, Chapter 3 (2005-1) Mississippi Automobile Insurance Assigned Risk Plan. Effective October 26, 2005.
  • 96-104 Actuarial Opinion and Memorandum (As Amended)
  • 91-101 Regulation To Define Standards and Commissioner’s Authority for Companies Deemed to Be in Hazardous Financial Condition
  • F&C 63-1 Payment and Division of Agents’ Commissions and Countersignature of Policies (Includes 64-1 F&C). Effective September 15, 1963.
  • F&C 37-1 Prohibition of “Twisting” Insurance Products