Administrative Services Division


The Administrative Services Division is responsible for providing support to the agency in the most professional and efficient manner possible, enabling the agency to carry out its mission at the lowest possible cost to the state's taxpayers. The Division continues to perform in an exemplary manner developing, implementing, and enhancing administrative services, human resource planning and budgetary support to the agency by providing a broad array of services. Furthermore, the Administrative Services Division serves agency employees along with agency contract workers/internship program and the Coastal Office.

The Administrative Services Division has three major areas of responsibility as follows:

The Accounting and Finance area is responsible for the financial management and record keeping of the agency, including purchasing, contract administration, inventory control, fleet management, internal controls, grants, accounts payable, payroll, travel vouchers, and the preparation of the agency's operating budget and GAAP. All the agency’s funding is processed through the on-line Sircon for States system, within this division.

The Human Resources area facilitates employee recruitment, staff development, staff retention, performance appraisal, employee benefits, compensation and assistance. Advanced planning and budgeting contributes to more work being accomplished by dedicated employees, thereby creating more efficient operations. Our devoted long-term employees and the continuous training keep the agency moving ahead professionally, maintaining productivity and thus will provide quality services to the citizens of Mississippi.

The Administrative Support area is responsible for the performance of the daily office operation support. These daily functions include: centralized document processing, mail services, vehicle management, supply management, records management, and communications services including telephone, telefax, and photocopying etc.