Building Plan Review

Building Plan Review Request

The authority for the Office of the State Fire Marshal to review plans for compliance with Mississippi Fire Prevention Codes is granted under Section 45-11-101, Mississippi Code of 1972, Annotated. The State Fire Marshal’s Office can review construction plans for construction of any building, high-rise building, religious assembly building, or private correctional facility building for compliance with the Mississippi Fire Prevention Code that are submitted by any interested individual or architectural design agency. All state building or state agency-owned building are required to submit plans for review by the State Fire Marshal’s Office prior to construction. Any payment for inspection fees and/or expenses that may be assessed for the plan review must be included with the submittal of the request form. An invoice for the receipt of the payment will be returned to the person requesting the review.

The items that are required to be on the drawings at the time of submittal is provided but are not limited to the following:

Architect or Engineer seal and stamp Edition of Code Specified
Type of Construction Specified Occupancy Type
Number of Stories Height and Square Footage
Fire Protection Drawings Commercial Kitchen Hood Suppression
All Means of Egress Designated Fire Lanes within 150 ft of bldg
Fire Hydrant Locations FDC within 100 ft of a hydrant
Egress Capacities Travel Distances
Sprinkler Drawings Alarm details (Strobes, Annunciators, etc.)
Number of Occupants/Floor Identification of use of each room
Number of Occupants/Room

If you have any further questions please contact the State Fire Marshal’s Office 601-359-1061 or email

Additional Information:

The following forms may be filled electronically or manually. To fill a form electronically, type in the information and print the form; the completed form cannot be saved. To complete the form manually, print the blank form and write in the information.

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