Pyrotechnics Overview

Any individual or pyrotechnic company conducting a pyrotechnic display on State Property or in a State Building, must apply for and obtain a permit prior to the display. Application for a permit must be submitted to the Office of the State Fire Marshal fifteen (15) days before the event is to take place. An inspection of the event (pre-show) is to be conducted by the State Fire Marshal’s Office before a permit is issued. A representative from the State Fire Marshal’s Office must be present for the event.

Pyrotechnics Forms

Public Fireworks Display Permit Application

The Public Fireworks Display Permit Application Form may be filled electronically or manually. To fill the form electronically, type in the information and print the form; the completed form cannot be saved. To complete the form manually, print the blank form and write in the information.

Adobe Acrobat ReaderTo fill this form electronically, you must install the latest Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer. It may be downloaded free from the Adobe Website.

Public Fireworks Display Permit Application (fillable pdf)

Pyrotechnics Contact Information

If you have any further questions please contact Swayzie Matthews (601) 359-1066 at the State Fire Marshal’s Office.