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Pursuant to Miss. Code Ann. § 83-79-7(1)., the Commissioner may, upon written request of an insurer, waive, modify, or extend for an additional time period, for good cause shown, the reporting requirements imposed by this act. The request shall demonstrate good cause for waiving, modifying, or extending the reporting requirements. Good cause may include, but is not limited to, the insurer's limited percentage of the total homeowners insurance market in this state, or the undue burden of compiling and reporting the computations, data, and other information required by this act due to the manner, format, or method in which the insurer has stored the computations, data, or other information required.

Directly below is a link to the list of companies authorized to write homeowners in Mississippi that are automatically exempt from the Data Call due to not having direct premium written in Mississippi during the years 2015 thru 2017.

Data Call Exemptions (PDF)

If your company is not on the list but meets the criteria stated above to be exempt, please submit a written request to msdatacall@mid.ms.gov.


Questions concerning the Data Call can be sent to msdatacall@mid.ms.gov