Financial and Market Regulation Division
David Browning
Director of Financial & Market Regulation

David Browning joined the Mississippi Insurance Department in 2001. He is a native of Yazoo City and received his Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Delta State University in May of 1999. Prior to joining the MID, David worked in the Bond Division of the State Treasurer’s Office and also served as an intern for the Secretary of State’s office. He is a member of the Insurance Regulatory Examiners Society and the Society of Financial Examiners. David currently serves as the State Chairman of the Mississippi Chapter of the Society of Financial Examiners and holds the Certified Financial Examiner (CFE) designation.


The Financial and Market Regulation Division is responsible for the regulation of approximately two thousand entities’ financial and non-financial operations. This Division utilizes desk audits and on-site examinations to verify the entities’ compliance with Mississippi insurance laws and regulations. In addition to regulating the financial and non-financial operations of entities, this Division manages pledged securities held on deposit for the benefit of policyholders, assesses the financial condition of entities applying to operate in Mississippi, maintains compliance with the National Association of Insurance Commissioners’ (NAIC) accreditation standards for financial regulation, responds to requests from the public for financial information on file with the Department, and serves as administrative supervisor as appointed by the Commissioner.