Important Mississippi Insurance License Update

The Governor has proclaimed a State of Emergency exists in the Counties of Forrest, Lamar, Perry, Marion, Jones and other parts of the state that have been affected by severe thunderstorms and tornados beginning January 21, 2017. Adjusters may apply for the Emergency Adjuster license at, or by US postal mail. An endorsement is required for this license type. If the individual already holds a MS independent adjuster license, an emergency adjuster license is not required. For questions or concerns, please contact Licensing at or 601-359-3582.

Effective November 10, 2017, the department will be providing a 90 day notification for license renewal for insurance producers, adjusters, entities and bail agents. Please ensure that the department has your current business e-mail as renewal invoices and licenses will be sent to the business email address on record. There is an option to print your license by registering with ProducerEdge or AgencyEdge on Sircon’s/Vertafore Website. ProducerEdge/AgencyEdge users may print the license free for 30 days. Bail Soliciting & Enforcement Agents licenses are mailed and Professional Bail Agents are emailed. For questions, email or call 601-359-3582.

You may verify/update your contact information, including mailing address and current business e-mail address on the sircon site. There is not fee to update your email or address if you are an individual. There is not a fee to update an agency/business entity email, but there is a fee to update an entity address on Sircon. You can also download and complete an Address Change Form, then scan and email to

Email Instructions

The Mississippi Insurance Department offers the following types of adjuster licenses and renewals. Click on the links (where available) for application instructions and forms. Questions pertaining to the licensing process should be directed to or by calling the MID Licensing Division at 601-359-3582.


Duplicate renewal invoices must be requested in writing either by fax: 601-359-1951, email: or by mail: P O Box 79, Jackson, MS 39205.

Independent and Public Adjuster licenses expire May 31 of each year. Any license issued prior to May 31 will expire on May 31, no matter when the license has been issued. 12 hours of continuing education is required each license year prior to the expiration date for resident and DHS adjusters.

Multi-Peril Crop Adjusters
An adjuster license is not required to adjust claims for multi-peril crop per House Bill 2011-553.
HB 553

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Adjuster Licensing Online Services


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Adjuster examinations

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Individual Licensing Forms

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AgencyEDGE combines access to PDB data with electronic regulatory processes, in one integrated service. The service delivers faster compliance processing without an expensive software investment. Convenient email notifications provide you with advanced insight when your producers’ applications change status with the state. Streamlined payment processing means you can pay all state fees on one convenient monthly statement, rather than issuing 50 different payments. You can rely on knowledgeable customer service representatives to assist you with transactions, provide you with informed answers to your questions and update you when regulatory requirements change. If a transaction error occurs, AgencyEDGE provides a detailed explanation and instructions, and holds the transaction in a queue so that you can fix errors in advance rather than needlessly paying the state for declined transactions.


Click the AgencyEDGE button to apply, renew, manage agency licenses on Sircon/Vertafore; receive automatic email notifications, perform state-required compliance transactions on behalf of all your producers through direct, electronic connections to the states.

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Entity Licensing Forms

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Additional Forms

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Individual and Entity Adjuster Renewals

Business Entity Adjuster renewal invoices are emailed the week of March 1. Approximately 90 days prior to license expiration of May 31. If you do not receive the invoice, you may email a request for a duplicate invoice to: or fax 601-359-1951.

Individual Adjuster License renewal notices will be emailed approximately 90 days prior to the license expiration date to the business email address on record.

Resident and non-resident Adjuster renewals: Submit renewal invoice and license fee on-line or by mail. MID staff will verify non-resident home state licensure on the national state producer licensing database (SPLD).

For those with inactive licenses: To reinstate within 12 months of license expiration, apply on-line at or or download and submit a first-time Adjuster application with required fees.

Licenses expired over 12 months: Residents must apply as a first-time adjuster on-line or by paper. Nonresidents will apply as a first time adjuster and we will verify home state licensure with reciprocal exam on the SPLD.

Note: A late fee of 50% of the renewal fee will be assessed to all renewal invoices received after May 31 and within 12 months of license expiration.

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