What is MSFA Kids?

A public awareness campaign designed to draw attention to the increased risks of fire death for young children and other life and safety issues.  Our goal is to teach children how they too can help keep their families safe.  Forms may be downloaded here or picked up in the Academy lobby.

* A photo is not required.  All entries will be accepted and will be on display here at the Academy and this website.
* Mail form to Mississippi Fire Academy, #1 Fire Academy USA, Jackson, MS, 39208, Attention MSFA Social Media Team
* No age limits- We invite all kids to participate

Big thanks to all who have participated! (Photogallery)

Safety Tips for Kids

Bullying        Why is it important that we do all we can to prevent bullying?

Space Heater   Why should space heaters be kept at least 3 feet away from anything that could burn?

Smoke Alarm   Why is a working smoke alarm important to you and your family?

Fire Escape   Why is it important that you and your family have a fire escape plan?

Christmas    Why should you turn off all Christmas lights before your family goes to bed?
Fireplace       Why shouldn't you place your Christmas tree to close to a fireplace or heating vent?


Veterans Day   What does Veterans Day mean to you?