Workers' Compensation Loss Costs Data

The loss cost multipliers (LCM) contained in the Workers' Compensation Loss Costs Data are to be applied to the edition date of the National Council on Compensation Insurance's (NCCI) Advisory Loss Costs shown by company. Effective Dates showing an (X) to the right indicate a company’s LCM is automatically applicable to future revisions of NCCI’s Advisory Loss Cost.

We attempt to update a company’s new or revised LCM in the Workers’ Compensation Loss Costs Data shortly after its approval. However, if there is a question about the accuracy of any listing please contact us at the number shown. Individual company filings contained in the Workers' Compensation Loss Costs Data are available to the public at the Property/Casualty Rating Division offices located on the 10th Floor of the Woolfolk State Office Building, 501 N. West St., Jackson, Miss. Telephone: 601-359-3575.

Please be advised we are aware of some discrepancies in this table. Please be patient as we are in the process of making these corrections. If you have any questions regarding the current information please contact us at 601-359-3575. Thank You.